Perform8 Organisational Diagnostic Platform


  • The Perform8 organisational diagnostic platform helps organisations measure employee engagement and factors underpinning transformation – then helps teams plan and drive their own change programs.
  • Our suite of online surveying solutions are designed to assist business leaders at all levels to drive action and improvement in their teams.
  • Beyond merely tracking engagement, our solutions provide a true foundation to plan, track and manage transformation – with a unique action planning module to drive improvement.
  • This comprehensive survey platform also tracks employee understanding and attitudes to the factors underlying organisational transformation and performance.


Client receive:

  • Fully tailored implementation of the survey platform, leveraging Catalyste capability.
  • Detailed yet easy to fill on-line survey.
  • A detailed organisational diagnostic report.
  • 12 month Catalyste refresh and monitoring service, with quarterly facilitated reports.
  • Expert facilitation by a senior Catalyste specialist.