Program Delivery

The Business Challenge

Top leaders know that transformational change is the only way to deliver the kind of dramatic change to bottom-line results that their boards and other stakeholders increasingly expect.  Often this change involves a complete transformation of the organisation’s structures, processes and enabling technologies – and can be highly disruptive and entail significant risk.

In order to be successful, transformational change needs:

  1. A clear end-state vision, a rock-solid business case, and strong, consistent leadership
  2. Alignment between the organisation’s strategy, and its operating model
  3. Buy-in and ownership for the change from those impacted by it
  4. Exceptional project / program delivery.

Common sense and well proven in the management literature, yet in our experience “…common sense is not common practice“.  Even today, many large projects fail not due to an absence of ‘technical’ planning or sophistication, but due to the absence of this broader framework for success.

We find that once stakeholders have confidence in an underlying Operating Model (and the leaders who are driving it), they are more likely to view the ensuing outputs as being well connected to an over-arching vision...


How Catalyste Can Help

Catalyste specialises in the delivery of major scale business and technology transformations.  This commences with exceptional project/program planning, closely coupled to strategy alignment, and continues right through successful project/program execution.  Our work often sees us working from the “client’s corner”, helping them engage their management teams to define/prioritise requirements, scan the market, select and engage partners, and mobilise the project/program.

Our support for clients does not end there.  Exceptional project execution is also about having critical capabilities such as business and solutions architects, technical specialists, deployment and training specialists and project/program governance and assurance specialists – in place throughout the transformation, to ensure delivery of the core of the transformation itself.


Our Program Delivery Practice

Our Program Delivery practice supports clients in end-to-end business and technology change initiatives, typically commencing with diagnostic, strategy alignment or Target Operating Model activities.

We help our clients establish highly robust yet workable project/program governance and assurance capabilities early in the work, and usually develop or provide support to ensure that a solid organisational change management approach is in place.

We then help our clients execute the body of the change with a high degree of control, engagement and buy-in for the change.

We work ‘client-side’, often helping clients assess the market for suitable vendors/partners, guide them through commercial engagement of those partners, establish the program, and manage the project through execution – staying by their side throughout to ensure success.

Catalyste also fills critical project delivery niches in our core specialty areas, working alongside clients or other vendors – such as taking fully delivery responsibility for the Organisational Change Management, Business / Process Analysis and Design, and/or Organisational Effectiveness workstream streams.