Our core values set a clear basis for everything we do

Our core values underpin our work and set a basis for everything we do. We believe it is critical that these core values are aligned with our clients, our staff and our partners.

1.  Service Ethic. We believe we are here to serve the needs of others. We put the needs of our clients, our people, and our partners ahead of our own. This does not mean we are servile. We believe that a lifetime serving others will in fact, serve ourselves well, and is a life well lived.

2.  Humility. We know that whatever we have achieved, it is a small part of our lifelong learning and growth journey, and our greatest achievement is contributing to the success of others. We don’t get protective or ‘defend our corner’ when we receive feedback. We see everyone as our teacher and collaborator. We tend to exhibit high levels of gratitude for the opportunities afforded us, without a sense of entitlement. For these reasons, ego has no place in our professional life.

3.  Accountability. We take accountability for our actions and assigned duties, and we don’t make excuses or blame others. We follow through, and make good on our commitments.

4.  Leadership. We step up, take the initiative, and do what needs doing – without being asked. We show leadership whenever it is needed, even when we are not formally designated as leader. If no one volunteers to do it, we do. We are also good followers, and happily alternate as needed.

5.  Excellence. We aim for excellence in everything we do, and we don’t settle for mediocrity. We are thorough and precise. We don’t leave things incomplete. We don’t leave anything valuable or important to chance. We work at both a high level and in the detail, because we know both are essential for success. We deeply value quality. We also know where to draw the line between excellence and perfection.

6.  Curiosity. We are passionately interested in the way things work, and finding solutions to problems. We are always keen to learn new things, and never stop learning.

7.  Great to Work With. As people, we have an inherently happy and positive disposition. We are natural team players. We tend to make friends and supporters of our work colleagues and clients. We are naturally collaborative, trusting and worthy of trust. We work hard to build consensus towards shared goals, in a way that brings everyone along.

8.  Perspective. We always stay mindful of our over-arching purpose and goals, even when daily pressures intervene. We always take the ‘long view’, regardless of the situation, and always retain our sense of perspective and purpose.

9.  Resilience and Persistence. We don’t quit, and we don’t give up on the things that are important to us, our clients and our colleagues.

10.  Stewardship. We develop the potential of those around us. We think and act long term. We nurture and value lifelong relationships. And we aim to do at least one thing every day to leave our part of the world just a little bit better than we found it.

 We reference these Core Values when undertaking work with clients, our people, and others in our Community.