On July 23, our Executive Director, Don Anderson, gave a fantastic presentation to the Australian Shared Services Association on the challenges businesses face when implementing shared services models. Don has identified three key concepts that are often overlooked when implementing and executing shared services programs; these lead to poor outcomes and can be remedied whether your organisation already has a shared services capability, or you are planning on implementing one for the first time.

By 1) properly aligning service delivery with client needs, 2) maintaining that alignment through client relationship management, and 3) continually improving productivity, all while fostering a culture of service and improvement, organisations will experience the full range of benefits that shared services have to offer.

Some of the key questions posed and discussed were:

  • Do you understand who all of your “clients” (service recipients) are, and do you understand their needs in full detail?
  • Do you have the processes and governance regimes in place to stay fully engaged with your clients to check that you are delivering and you understand their future needs.
  • Do you have all of your work flows organised efficiently and effectively to deliver the outocmes your clients require?
  • Do you have your shared services organisation structured to optimally support service delivery?
  • Do you have all of the right skills at all levels in your shared services organisation?
  • Do you have a genuine service delivery culture in place and the strong leadership necessary to grow and develop it?
  • Do you have a strong focus on continual and transformational performance improvement?

ASSA1See the rest in his presentation slides here!