This global company provides facilities management and critical infrastructure delivery services on a global basis.  Catalyste was asked to assist the client after the business had created a new HR Shared Services capability, but had yet to get it fully operational or consistently meeting client expectations.  Our involvement helped restore confidence and satisfaction, and helped  achieve the original vision for the Operating Model.

While the Shared Services centre itself was functioning, feedback indicated there were some areas where the centre required Operating Model improvements, including process optimisation, an urgent payroll systems review (SAP), and development of the engagement / business partnering model.

Our work initially focused on a review of the suitability of the platform for the business from a solution architecture and user needs perspective; before moving into an engagement to help the business drive user adoption, skills development and support.

Partnering with Catalyste ensured confidence in the change and successful uptake of the new processes and improved SAP solution.

Catalyste’s Role

Catalyste was asked to:

  • Perform a high level diagnostic of the Shared Service Centre’s current state, with a view on practical and urgent opportunities for improvement.
  • This was conducted as a 2-stage approach, designed to add value through targeted identification of root cause issues and concrete action plans, which provided the client with a roadmap with which to drive improvement.
  • During the work, Catalyste engaged our highly experienced Shared Services specialists – intensively engaging with the business, reviewing operational capabilities, and identifying the highest priority areas for improvement.
  • A roadmap of required improvement opportunities was developed, along with a change management plan, and benefits assessment.
  • Catalyste created and facilitated an HR Leadership Team workshop to confirm issues and recommendations, and obtain project support. 
  • Creation of a detailed project implementation plan and change management and communications plans.
  • Stabilisation and optimisation of existing Payrolls, HR Data and HR Services.
  • Implementation of new SAP system functionality, and rollout of SAP Payroll to 3 business units.

During this period, Catalyste supplied the business with 2 of our management consultants to deliver contracted outcomes, plus a specialist technology consultant to focus on the complex SAP solution architecture issues, and a contract SAP configuration specialist.

We also engaged one of our senior Shared Services Operating Model specialists (a former EGM level exec) to provide thought leadership, and during this engagement also sourced a new HR Shared Services Centre Manager for the client.

Value Delivered

Prior to our engagement, stakeholder dissatisfaction and incorrect payrolls were causing severe issues for the management. Partnering with Catalyste provided our client:

  • Confidence in the SAP payroll was restored, which was the primary and most urgent priority.
  • We also assisted the business in improving its overall HR Shared Services processes – both efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Our change management specialists helped developed critical involvement, support and buy-in for the initiative.
  • Our flexible resourcing model was noted as being both agile and effective – at one stage including Consulting, Contract Resourcing and Permanent Resourcing models concurrently.

Further Information

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