A very handy toolset released by APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center) - for those undertaking a process modelling, organisational change management, needs analysis or architecture (bus or tech) exercise.


Allows you to apply an ‘industry neutral’ process hierarchy to accelerate tasks such as impact assessments, requirements analysis, architectural fit, OD&D, job/role definition etc…

What I like about the PCF is that it:

  1. It can help accelerate the usually tedious task of defining a basic process hierarchy;
  2. It helps us as facilitators challenge the common assumptions that all of our processes are ‘special’ or ‘unique’ (esp. for shared services); and
  3. Makes more time to focus on the applications of a process model – for detailed role/job definition, business requirements analysis or informed organisational design.

When applying it to my clients businesses, I will be sure to set a very clear expectation that it’s not intended to be a panacea, rather an accelerator.

Anyone seen anything similar and outstanding?  Leave your comments below…